Friday, December 23, 2005

Bad Malls

Bad Malls

Just for fun, and in the spirit of bemoaning the over-commercialization of the Holiday season, here's a link to last night's Letterman Top 10 list. Topic: "Top Ten Signs You're At A Bad Mall."

Seems like many of these could apply to, say, Saint Louis Centre (just ask Tom Lampe), St. Louis Union Station, Crestwood Plaza, or even Northwest Plaza. Except #3 doesn't really apply - none of these have a JC Penney store! ;-)

To say nothing of Northland and River Roads.

South County Center and Jamestown Mall might work, too, for several of the top ten items. Particularly at Dillard's...

We sure have a lot of crummy shopping malls around here, don't we? And the number seems to be increasing.

Personally, the only time I go to Saint Louis Centre is to grab something at that odd little 4th-floor Walgreens or to cut through to somewhere else, using the skywalks to avoid cold and/or rainy weather.

Although that Dillard's store on Washington closed several years back, it is still possible to walk inside parking garages and retail space (all at roughly the 4th floor level) from the corner of 7th & Washington all the way to about Broadway and Chestnut, the SE corner of the Kiener Plaza East garage. It's kind of a surreal experience.


Anonymous said...

Top 5 worst malls in our region:

5. Jamestown (movies at least)
4. Northwest Plaza (it's hard to be largest)
3. Alton Square (Alton has a mall?)
2. Crestwood Plaza (going, going, gone)
1. St. Louis Centre (no contest!)

bev said...

We took our kids to see Santa at The Galleria (which, as malls go, isn't too bad.) My 5 year old looked around and said with surprise: "Hey! I think we've been here before!" which prompted my 7 year old to ask: "Do they always have it decorated for Christmas?"

It seems we only go to a mall once a year for one reason only. My poor kids. Sheltered from "mall culture."