Friday, December 23, 2005

My Comments on "Metro Redefined"

My Comments on "Metro Redefined"

In case anyone is interested...

Comments I submitted to Metro on their bus system restructuring plan (10 page PDF).

The plan is called "Metro Redefined."

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Anonymous said...

Lindell really does act as three routes for locals: CWE-Shrewsbury within SW City, Lindell across the central corridor, and Carondelet/South County on the southside.

But while commuters may only use one of these three segments of the new Lindell, tourists will find it easy to take the same bus to many of our City's attractions. The Lindell will serve South Grand, Cherokee, the brewery, Soulard Market, Washington Loft District, Grand Center, New Cathedral, Manchester Strip, MO Botanical Garden, and The Hill.