Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

While it did interfere somewhat with my mid-morning commute - although I still got to school in about the same amount of time as usual - this is a really pretty snowfall we're having this morning.

It was so tranquil walking along the alley behind Wyoming, west from Oregon to Gravois where I unexpectedly saw the #10 bus heading northeast towards downtown, and grabbed it. I was a little frustrated that Gravois didn't seem to have been treated with melting chemicals; the bus did slide a little bit several times after pulling out of a bus stop, on the less-traveled shoulder of the road. On the way toward downtown I did notice MoDOT salt trucks both on I-44 westbound at I-55, and on Chouteau eastbound at 14th St. But not on Gravois.

I was doubly and triply lucky, because MetroLink came more-or-less on time at Civic Center, and then I caught the #58 at Forest Park station, only about 4 minutes behind schedule. It travels through Forest Park via Lagoon Drive, which afforded quite a beautiful view this morning.

And by the way, just after midnight this morning, the last piece of "old" Busch Stadium fell. How surreal.

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