Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmastime Chaos

Christmastime Chaos

Why was yesterday so crazy? Between news reports and personal experience, I know at least four strange things happened yesterday and last night:

  • A standoff between police and a paranoid guy in Walnut Park yesterday morning;
  • A police officer shot in Hamilton Heights on MLK Drive about 2 this morning;
  • A fatal accident yesterday afternoon at Skinker and Forsyth which may or may not have involved gunfire -- and which really screwed with my homeward commute from WashU. Forsyth was backed up in both directions through the campus, and Skinker backed up to about Clayton Road.
  • About midnight, as my wife and I were trying to get to sleep, we heard a volley of gunfire either on our block or quite nearby. Then a car sped off. I looked out the window, but didn't see anything; this morning I walked around the block with our dogs and didn't see any evidence of anything having happened. Nevertheless, until about 12:30 there were one or maybe two police helicopters hovering over our block, oftentimes sounding very, very close to the rooftops.

    I realize sounds carries in strange ways, especially in the gangways between our brick houses. Nevertheless, it was quite scary. I didn't call it in, because the choppers were there almost immediately.

    I can't help but think some of these events are related, but who knows?

    Maybe it's just pre-Christmas desperation.

    Umar Lee said...

    I figured a cop had ben shot because I was trying to pick up at the Barnes ER last night and the police had it blocked off and I said to myself "I bet there has been a police shooting or something major"

    Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

    This is a belated comment, but I can remember another instance of the cops blocking off things around BJC when one of their own was injured. Earlier this year, when I used to take the #95 Kingshighway bus from Manchester and through the med center to Metrolink, I was on the bus during the morning rush one day and noticed that pretty much every street intersecting Kingshighway was being blocked off at Kingshighway. I was scared and wondered what was wrong. I asked a police officer I knew at work about it later that day, and he told me that a police sargeant had a heart attack, so everyone blocked the street off so his ambulance could get there as fast as possible.

    While it's great that they're showing compassion and trying to save their buddy, I don't think you or I or Joe would get the same treatment if any of us had a heart attack.