Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anti-Climactic Snow

Anti-Climactic Snow

Well, I guess South St Louis was spared the strongest impact of the overnight snowstorm. Our neighborhood just got an inch or so, and it doesn't even want to stick to the streets. Maybe the ground was too warm?

These last few winters have been pretty mild for St. Louis. I remember some that were considerably more vicious. I believe in early January 1991, we had several days straight of ice storms. Schools were closed several days, extending the winter break until the next weekend, even though there was very little new snow falling! It was just so slippery, it was best to stay home.

But of course the real mother-of-all-blizzards in St. Louis within recent memory is the "thundersnow" event that occurred about January 31, 1982, dumping 18-22 inches of snow on the region.

I was three years old at the time, so my memories are a bit hazy. Nevertheless, I have been told by my parents that our furnace went out during that storm, and my mom was at work (she was an overnight shift nurse), so my dad held me in his lap in front of the oven to keep warm!

But I guess today is just a regular work and school day for almost everybody.

Maybe next winter we'll get a real serious snowstorm.

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