Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some County Endorsements

Some County Endorsements

April 4th is also an election day in many St. Louis County municipalities, school districts, fire districts, and the Maplewood library district.

University City

Shelley Welsch is the progressive choice for University City mayor. She is challenging 10+ year incumbent Joe Adams, in an incredibly heated campaign with strong racial overtones.

Adams has many yard signs along the arteries; but Welsch seems to dominate in the south U City residential areas. I haven't really surveyed north U City side streets, although one could assume that Adams would have a lock up there. But maybe not.

Although I like the idea of bright red signs with large white lettering saying "Joe's For Us!", it's kind of a poor campaign strategy. Joe who? For what? My name is Joe - are you for me, too? Yes, the signs do say "Joe Adams for Mayor", but in much less visible type.


Up in Dellwood, "The Crossroads of North County", the Ward 1 seat is the only contested election.

There, voters should support Loretta Johnson. In a city that is now almost 60% African-American, it's certainly time to have at least one alderman who is African-American.


Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

"My name is Joe - are you for me, too?"


Anonymous said...

The sign got your attention, and a majority of the votes too!