Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beaver Crossing?

Beaver Crossing?

Spotted today on eastbound Forsyth Blvd. approaching the signal at Asbury Drive in upscale south University City:

A "Beaver Crossing" sign attached to a street sign post.

I guess this is somebody's idea of a (kinda sick) joke. What's weird is that, unlike the novelty sign for sale in that link above, the sign did not have any lettering on it.

Just the beaver graphic.

And, it seemed to be attached in the way highway department workers usually attach temporary signs, with the little plastic zip tag things. Also the sign background color seemed to be a pale green, not the bright yellow usually associated with novelty signs. It even seemed to be nearly regulation size for a street sign of this type.

So, perhaps there are actual beavers lurking around the wooded Brentmoor subdivision in Clayton, just behind Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, whose school is the main reason for the existence of the traffic signal?

Or perhaps its a sick anatomical reference by a (probably male) WashU student eager to start spring break...

Either way, it sure is odd.

Almost as odd as Clayton using eminent domain a few blocks west for the benefit of Medicaid-profiteers Centene Corporation, to displace several high-end retailers and (ironically) commercial real estate firms' offices.


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LadueParentBlogger23 said...

This is actually a comment on the previous post about local health-related schools (I couldn't get that comment button to work). More precisely, it's a question (possibly a rhetorical one) - why have so many nursing schools closed in the St. Louis area when there is such a demand for nurses?