Monday, March 27, 2006

Joe Frank Endorses...

Joe Frank Endorses...

The April 4, 2006 municipal election is now eight days away.

I don't really expect anybody to really take my 'endorsement' of a candidate nor a proposition seriously. But it makes me feel good to publicize my views.

It should be noted that these endorsements are my opinion alone, and do not reflect upon any entity with which I am affiliated.

For St Louis Board of Education:

Peter Downs (#3)
Donna Jones (#4)

I don't always agree with what Peter Downs says, but you have to give both him and Ms. Jones credit for challenging things they feel are wrong.

Proposition EJ
For Education and Jobs


The St. Louis Community College system provides a great collection of educational and job training programs for our community in St. Louis City and County (and Pacific MO). Tuition rates have nearly doubled in the past five years, so it's not as if students aren't paying their fair share. This tax increase would help assist in expanding and upgrading facilities at all three existing campuses, as well as replacing the ridiculously tiny William J Harrison Northside Education Center with a full-fledged job training / extension center.

Charter Amendment re: Recall Petition Process
Proposition R


Restricting the recall process is bad for democracy. True, recalls can and will be used for political expediency. But it still takes a fair bit of work to get one organized and completed. While six months isn't necessarily an unreasonable standard amount of time to collect signatures, it's still a bad idea in my eyes.

Graduated Business License Fee Increase
Proposition G


I swallow hard when I say this, but it has been almost 20 years since the business license fee has been increased. At the same time, the city's general revenue budget is really hurting. For the smallest businesses, it does represent a $50 increase; for others, more money but less percentage.

We'll see what happens on April 4th.


Urban Review - St. Louis said...

School Board --- Agreed.

Education/Jobs --- didn't even realize it was on the ballot. Sounds like a reasonable investment provided they are more accountable with our money than the school board.

Recall Process --- I'm with you! Given that we often have only one candidate it is not so easy to vote them out at the next election.

Business License: What I don't know is what it would cost me to do business in St. Louis County. Right now I pay $150/year for my business license so that represents a 33% increase. If it puts it in line with neighboring municipalities for total cost of doing business then fine. If not, then no. And that is a hefty increase at once. I'd rather them pass something that gradually increases over the next 3-5 years.

Anonymous said...

School Board--- Tough choice, but still voting for Clinkscale and Buford. Though parents of SLPS children, Downs and Jones are too aligned with the teachers' union. If you can't back Super Williams due to your distaste for Slay, then at least vote for Clark, instead of Downs and Jones.

Recall Process--- Vote NO as this will become a referendum on "Supersized Attitude" Florida. And with the momentum of it failing (not just under required 60% but not even 50%), Florida's recall can be next.

Michael Allen said...

I agree with your endorsements except for the business license item, on which I am undecided like Steve. I would like to know if the increase would make the city a more expensive place to do business than neighboring municipalities. I'm also feeling like the measure puts a burden on small businesses for revenue enhancement, when aldermen have barely explored other possibilities, like limiting TIFs and tax abatement.

Josh Wiese said...

School Board- Buford and Jones.

Education- yes

Recall- Yes. As someone who lives in a ward that recalled their alderman, I can tell you that it shouldnt take but a month to gather the signatures needed to oust a sitting alderman if the organizers have it together

Buisness License- yes even though I work for a small buisness it's time to upgrade